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March Tournament Plannning
by posted 01/21/2020

Hi Everyone,

The tournament this weekend was a lot of fun! The players did a great job staying in it on Sunday afternoon. It would have been easy for them to give up. We kept saying, "The next goal is ours!"

I am writing to hear your opinion on what our team tournament plans should be for March. There are three variables to consider and those are time, conflicts, and costs. Tournaments are fun and I know many players would be excited to stretch the season a bit. We are confirmed for the Big Thaw Tournament on March 6th-March 8th. The cost for this tournament is reduced for Perinton teams, but we need to provide a $100 gift basket.

In terms of team finances, Griffin's Guardians was $875. I have covered this cost and I hope to be reimbursed after the pancake fundraiser. The Big Thaw Tournament will cost our team $462.50 and an additional $100 for the gift basket. If we all sell our tickets for the pancake breakfast, we should raise $720. However, some of this goes back to Applebee's and we typically tip the staff that comes in.


Griffin's Guardians $875

Big Thaw Tournament $462.50

Big Thaw Gift Basket $100

Expected Fundraising:

Pancake Breakfast $560 ($720 minus food costs and tip)

To settle the team balance, it looks like we are currently at about $73 per family.

Now, there are many opportunities for more tournaments in March. Tournaments cost between $850 and $1350. As a group, we need to decide if we want to register for additional tournaments in March. We can expect to ask each family to contribute between $70 and $112 per tournament. Additionally fundraising is also possible if someone is willing to take the lead.

Some possibilities include:

Bigelow Tournament in Brockport (March 20th-March 22nd). Currently, Tri-County and Batavia are the only teams registered. $850

March Madness Tournament in Scottville (March 20th-March 22nd). We would need to be in the 12U A bracket. $850

Rochester Rumble (March 13th-March 15th). I do not know anything about this one. It looks like they will have a house division. $1350

Buffalo River Outdoor Tournament or Pepsi Tournament (March 13th to March 15th or March 20-March 22). We can see the teams already registered for the Pepsi Tournaments. $1350 and $950.

Traveling to other states is also an option if there is interest in heading to a different area. There are many tournaments to choose from.

I need to hear from families regarding what they are interested in and comfortable with for tournaments. Please take a few minutes to provide me with an indication of your interest for tournaments in March.

Also, feel free to email me and share any additional thoughts, concerns, or ideas.

For local tournaments, we can expect the per player cost to be about $75. The costs are a bit more for some travel tournaments and we need to take into consideration lodging.

Go, Blades, Go!

Coach Daley








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Tournament Update
by posted 01/18/2020

Hi Everyone,

Great game today! I am sending this notice to update everyone on our status in the tournament. Tri-County tied Midstate this afternoon. Therefore, Midstate currently has 10 points after 3 games. Elmira has 8.5 points after 2 games. We have 6 points after 2 games. If we earn all five points, we will pass Midstate and advance. If we earn 4, it moves to the tiebreaker rules. The tiebreaker rules read:


Round Robin Tie Breaker

Only games played will be used in determining tie breakers. Ties shall be broken as follows: 

1. Head to head game play between tied teams. 
2. Goal Differential: Total goals scored minus goals allowed in round robin games, a maximum of six (6) goals shall be awarded per game
Midstate has 15 goals scored and 6 against. We currently have 11 goals for and 6 against.
We will come out ready as we want to win each period. We also want to build a five goal lead in case we need the tiebreaker.
It is exciting to still be in the mix! See you in the morning.
Go, Blades, Go!
Coach Daley


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Sat afternoon shenanigans
by posted 01/18/2020

For those that are still here in Cicero and are interested, we will be meeting in the hotel lobby at 1:15 to head down to Destiny Mall. As afar as dinner, we will play it by ear, but most likely eat somewhere at the mall.


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Pizza & Wings in lobby
by posted 01/17/2020

Please text me as to how many in your family want to have pizza and wings. 585-301-5938

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Tournament Information
by posted 01/15/2020

Hi Everyone,

I have included below an email from tournament organizers of the Griffin's Guardians Tournament. I am very happy we have selected this tournament. The work they do to honor Griffin Engle and help battle childhood cancer is very commendable. As part of their effort, they organize a Books and Bandaids drive for Golisano Children's Hospital. They ask each player to bring a new and unused book or a package of character bandaids to donate. Can you please work with your player to bring a book or package of bandaids?

Sean Kennedy has generously started an effort to organize an activity for Saturday. Please respond to Sean with your preference. He will likely need to make a final judgement call.

I know some families from our team are only staying Friday night. This is completely understandable as we play so early on Saturday and not again until Sunday. We will make sure time at the pool on Friday night is a priority! You are all welcome to join us at Destiny Mall on Saturday afternoon, but please keep an eye on the weather. It looks like a significant snow event is moving in on Saturday. We will try to keep discussions of our planned Saturday afternoon activities quiet so players returning to Rochester do not feel like they are missing out on team activities.

We are very excited about the weeekend! Please feel free to share with me any details about your plans for the weekend that would be good for me to know.

Go, Blades, Go!

Coach Daley


Books and Bandaids Drive

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great Holiday!  Just wanted to pass on some information as we are just 3 weeks away from the tournament!
This tournament is very special to Midstate Youth Hockey.  Griffin Engle was an avid hockey fan and a player at Midstate. Griffin was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiform at the age of 6 and after a courageous fight, he passed away on September 12, 2014.  Griffin's Guardians was started by the Engle family in honor of Griffin.  It is a recognized non profit 501(c)3 organization that provides support and financial assistance to children battling cancer in Central New York.  
This tournament is about so much more than just hockey, it’s about a community coming together! The hockey players in this tournament will skate for the children in our community who are currently battling cancer, they will skate for the children who have passed away and they will skate for those children who have yet to be diagnosed.  Please take a few minutes to watch the video below and please pass it on to your teams so that they understand what this tournament is all about.
Every year we do a Books and Bandaids drive for Golisano Children's Hospital.  We ask that every child attending the tournament donate either a brand new unused book or a package of character bandaids.  We feel it is a great way to involve the kids in the meaning of the tournament.  So please pass this information along to your team!
I have attached the tournament rules for coaches to review. The schedule will be released by the end of next week, at that time I will send more information on check-in and what is required for each team. 
As always please let me know if you have any questions, and Happy New Year!



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Post game Saturday activities
by posted 01/14/2020

Hello families,

I have done a little research in trying to find something for us to do after our game on Saturday. The Destiny Mall has a couple of options that we can get a discount for if we go as a group of 10 or more.

  1. APEX ENTERTAINMENT- Bowling/Lasertag/Arcade/Bumper Cars; 4 packages to choose from
    1. “Awesome” Package- $25 pp
      1. 1.5 hrs bowling, 30 minutes of arcade, and choice of 3 appetizers + unlimited soft drinks
    2. “Phenomenal” Package- $34 pp
      1. 1.5 hrs bowling, 60 minutes of arcade, and choice of 4 appetizers + unlimited soft drinks
    3. “Epic” Package- $45 pp
      1. 1.5 hrs bowling, 30 minutes of arcade, choice of 1 attraction (laser tag, bumper cars, hologate, or X-Rider), choice of 5 appetizers + unlimited soft drinks
    4. “X-Travagant” Package- $60 pp
      1. 1.5 hrs bowling, 60 minutes of arcade, choice of 2 attractions (laser tag, bumper cars, hologate, or X-Rider), choice of 6 appetizers + unlimited soft drinks


  1. WONDERWORKS- indoor “amusement” park, ropes course. $15.00 pp

Let me know what you think.


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Griffen's Guardians Tournament
by posted 01/12/2020

Hello all,

Hope everyone enjoyed a weekend off from hockey. I wanted to send a few notes regarding the tournment this coming weekend.

Game times are as follows:

  • Friday at 4:30
  • Saturday at 8:00 AM
  • Sunday at 9:25, and possible medal game at 2:00

All games are at Cicero Twin Rinks. Tournament officials have stated that games could start up to 15 minutes early, so please plan your arrival to the rink accordingly. In addition, at the core of this hockey tournament is a fundraiser for children. Every year they do a Books and Bandaids drive for Golisano Children's Hospital.  They ask that every child participating in the tournament donate either a brand new unused book or a package of character bandaids.  We feel it is a great way to involve the kids in the meaning of the tournament.

Lastly, we are responsible for manning the penalty box for our games, so let me know if you would like to volunteer.

  • Skill Development scheduled for tomorrow @ Paul Louis 6:30;
  • Practice scheduled for Wednesday @ Paul Louis 6:15.


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12U White Daley notes & reminders
by posted 01/01/2020

Happy New Year families-

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. Hard to believe we are just about half way thru the season. I would like to take this opportunity to post some reminders.

  1. We have 2 games this coming weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday- both at Paul Louis Arena. We are the "away" team on Saturday, but are the home team for Sunday's game. We will need clock operator, penalty box monitor, and scoresheet for Sunday.
  2. We have our pancake breakfast fundraiser scheduled for the morning of Saturday February 1st, 8-10AM, at the Applebees in Fairport. Every family is being asked to sell 10 tickets, $6.00 per ticket. If you haven't experienced one of these before, every player on the team is required to participate that morning, as they will be assigned "jobs"- servers, busers, etc. If you require more than 10 tickets, let me know.
  3. The Griffin's Guardians tournament is January 17th thru 19th. The tournament organizers have arranged for special room rates at the Holday Inn Express in nearby Cicero. Please use this link to make your reservations-,%20Cicero,%20NY,%20US&qCiMy=02020&qCiD=17&qCoMy=02020&qCoD=20&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qRtP=6CBARC&qIta=99801505&qGrpCd=GGT&qSlH=SYRCI&qAkamaiCC=CA&qSrt=sBR&
  4. For those if you that ordered pictures, and haven't been to the rink this past week, I have them and will hand out this weekend.


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by posted 12/19/2019

We are asking each family to sell a minimum of 10 tickets

$6.00 per ticket

I will hand out tickets this Saturday at our game

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