The Rochester Junior Americans are committed to providing consistent and constructive player development while emphasizing the fun of playing the game.

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Philosophy of Perinton Youth Hockey

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Perinton Youth Hockey (PYH) is to promote the sport of ice hockey for individuals under the age of eighteen, residing in the vicinity of Monroe County, New York, and surrounding areas, in order to develop their playing skills, to teach and encourage good sportsmanship and to foster healthy competition as an alternative to delinquency.

PYH shall seek to ensure that ice facilities are available for instruction, practice and team competition; to schedule matches and tournaments; and to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged youth so as to assure, insofar as possible, that all young persons in the region wishing to learn the sport of ice hockey can practice the sport and participate in team competition, to the extent of their physical abilities and interest.

Hockey Programs

PYH offers programs that are designed to provide the best possible experience for those who wish to be involved in the sport of ice hockey. These programs are also designed to help players to progress, if they so choose, to the highest levels of hockey.

  • Initiation - The Initiation & Skill Development program emphasizes development by utilizing the USA Hockey Cross-Ice model of practicing and playing hockey across the ice surface as compared to practicing and playing lengthwise. This cross-ice practicing and playing model has been used in many of the leading hockey nations in the world for a number of years and has stood the test of time. It has been shown that children who begin their hockey training in this environment have an outstanding hockey experience. Most young players begin their hockey experience in our skill development. Our youngest players are encouraged to participate in our cross-ice program.
  • House - The House program is designed to allow player a chance to develop their skill and enjoy a full-ice game experience. Coaches are encouraged to emphasize individual skills and introduce team concepts. These players participate in a balanced schedule of practices and games with similarly skilled players from other organizations in the Rochester Area.
  • Travel - The Travel program has been designed to maximize regular practices to allow dedicated players to develop their skills as quickly as possible. Games are played with similarly skilled players throughout Western and Central New York and sometimes Canada and other distant locations. Coaches are asked to maintain a two-to-one practice to game ratio. Coaches are asked to develop individual’s skills and teach a fundamental approach to the game so each subsequent year allows for further development.
  • Rochester Monarchs - The Monarchs program is designed for players who have demonstrated through their performance that they can compete at the highest competitive levels of youth hockey. Practices are emphasized and players receive instruction from organization coaches as well as select professional instructors.