The Rochester Junior Americans are committed to providing consistent and constructive player development while emphasizing the fun of playing the game.

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Mite Skill Progressions

At the Mite level, players should focus on the skill progressions listed below. Players must learn and master:

Individual Skills


  • edge control
  •  ready position
  • forward start
  • forward stride
  • control stop (two-foot snowplow, one-foot snowplow)
  • backward skating
  • backward stop
  • control turn
  • forward crossover

Puck Control

  • lateral dribble
  • forward-to-backward dribble
  • diagonal dribble
  • attacking the triangle
  • forehand shift
  • accelerating with the puck

Passing and Receiving

  • forehand
  • backhand
  • receive (stick)
  • eye contact
  • wrist
  •  backhand


  • poke check
  • hook check
  • lift the stick check


  • basic stance
  • parallel shuffle
  • lateral t-glide
  • forward and backward moves
  • stick save
  • body save
  • glove save

Team Skills


  • positional offense
  • offense in the offensive zone
  • offense in the defensive zone


  • territorial defense
  • one-man forechecking
  • basic defensive zone coverage